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Item of the Day

Our item of the day section presents a unique web site, web page, or football news story each day of the week. From time to time we may post additional commentary. Other times you may see just a link to the daily item.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

We would like to thank everyone who visits our site each day for the Item of the Day section. After having done this since April, we are noticing almost as many people visit for the Item of the Day as they do for their search needs. Each day we also have more than just one item we would like to post, but we have kept the daily posting to one as per the initial idea for this page. Because of the growing interest in this page, and the desire of our staff to provide more information to our visitors, we have decided to mix things up as far as our Item of the Day goes. We are going to be providing more than just one item, many more in fact, but we have decided not to do this at SearchQB.com, because this is, afterall, a search engine. Instead we have decided to spin off a new site called NewsQB.com. This site is currently operating in beta as we have not completed the design, and there are still some operational bugs to be worked out. Once the site leaves beta we will have a press release for it and additional promotion as well, but in the meantime, as we will be contributing to that site every day, we are going to cease updating this Item of the Day section. So to get your daily fix of football, be sure to check out NewsQB.com, sign up for your free account (get your desired username now before all the good ones are taken), and help us with the beta testing. You can email your feedback and recommendations to info@searchqb.com. Thanks.

Monday, September 3, 2007

No Item of the Day today (it's Labor day, we're taking the day off...)?

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