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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will I get the same results by going to Google.com?

No. While SearchQB.com is powered by the Google Custom Search program, and all web sites returned on the SearchQB.com results page are sites indexed by Google, there will be notable differences in the search results for many of your searches. SearchQB.com gives preference to football related sites, so that more relevant results are presented to you first. The easiest way to explain this is by demonstration. Go to the SearchQB.com homepage and do a search for the term "scouting". Now open a new browser and go to Google.com or another search engine and do a search for the same term. With other search engines, most all of the results you see on the first few pages are related to boy scouts. General search engines are not able to factor in your intent. SearchQB.com knows you are searching for football related web sites, and while your keywords matter, football related sites are given precedence in the results. Thus the results for the word "scouting" at SearchQB.com show sites related to football scouting. Additionally, we manually review football related web sites so that higher preference is given to sites that have the most informative and recent content.

2. Occasionally when I do a search for a specific phrase, many of the results come from the same web site. Why is this?

Most likely the web site in question has a number of different pages, all of which are considered the most relevant to your search. Thus these pages are all given preference over other web sites, even though they are all from the same site. SearchQB.com does not demote result pages just because the particular web site that contains them already has a number of their pages displayed in their results. This tends to give the most relevant results, but if the results for a particular search are undesirable, you can do the search again using an "exclude" so that the particular web site is not listed in the results. For example, if you do a search for New England Patriots Scouting the results contain many pages from the web site Scout.com, because that web site contains many scouting reports about the Patriots. If these results do not contain what you were searching for, you can do the search again as New England Patriots Scouting -scout.com Now the results will not contain pages from Scout.com.

3. I have my own football blog. I work hard at it, I update it multiple times a day, and still it does not appear very high in search engines, not even SearchQB.com. How do I optimize my web site so it will be displayed higher in SearchQB.com results?

Because SearchQB.com is powered by Google Custom Search, it is recommended to optimize your site the same way you would for Google or any other search engine. There are a vast number of resources online to help you with optimization (commonly referred to as SEO). SearchQB.com is not in the SEO business so unfortunately we cannot provide you with recommendations specific to your site. But there is something we can do that may help you. While common search engines rely on computers and algorithms to determine where a site should be placed in search results, at SearchQB.com there is a human aspect as well. The football related sites that we choose for precedence in search results are frequently combed over by us individually to make sure the sites continue to have updated and relevant content. The Internet is, well, gigantic, and we may not even know about your web site yet if it has not yet obtained a medium level of popularity. This is why we created our site review process. This process is similar to a search engine submission page except that you do not actually submit your site to us for automatic inclusion (to clarify, you cannot actually submit a site to us that is not already indexed by Google- if your site is not in Google it cannot be in SearchQB.com- (click here to submit your site to Google). Instead, you submit to us your web site URL along with a brief statement about why you believe it should be considered for inclusion in our preferred web sites (or if it is already included why it should be given higher precedence vs. other web sites) for higher placement in SearchQB.com search results. We will then manually review your web site to see if it merits a higher score. Please note that web sites are given scores based on the editorial opinion of our site's founders. We consider things such as relevancy of content, quality of content, and how frequently it is updated. Under no circumstances are scores for sale. You cannot purchase a higher score for your site, nor can you trade anything such as advertising or promotion of our site for a higher score. If you have updated your web site, you may submit it for review up to five times a month.

4. I noticed some results are not football related, why is that?

SearchQB.com is powered by the Google Custom Search program, which is basically the whole Google search engine. Google has its own way of determining how relevant site results are to the keywords entered. While our formulas give extra weight and precedence to football related sites, our site is not limited only to football sites. Because there are millions of web sites in existence, this allows your search results to contain football related web sites that may not be given any preference by us, such as smaller sites we do not yet know about. But it also means that your results may contain some sites that are not related to football. When you use generic keywords, this may tend to happen more often. Just like you would in a regular search engine, it is recommended to be as specific as you can when you enter keywords. If you enter the term "James Brown" at Google.com for example, most of the results on the first few pages are related to the legendary singer. If you do the same search at SearchQB.com, most of the results on the first few pages will be about the CBS pregame show anchor James Brown, though you will notice some of the results will be about the singer. While we continually work to move non-football related sites and URLS further down in the results, you may see them from time to time. At some point we may take advantage of the option to exclude all sites not contained in our preference and ratings database, but not for the time being.

SearchQB.com is a Trademark of Rokland LLC. All content of this site, excluding advertisements, is a copyright of Rokland LLC unless otherwise noted. Google Custom Search is a Trademark of Google.
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