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About SearchQB.com

Welcome to SearchQB.com, the search engine of choice for football scouts, GMs, journalists, and gridiron fanatics. SearchQB.com is different from a regular search engine. SearchQB.com uses Google Custom Search technology to provide users with search results that are related to the sport of football. Regular search engines rely on keywords and site popularity alone to provide you with results. We have compiled our own database of football related sites which are given preference vs. other sites, so that your results contain the most relevant web pages. At a regular search engine, if you search for the term "scouting", the first few pages of results will primarily contain URLs about boy scouts. What makes SearchQB.com different is that we already know you are here looking for football related information. Hence, if you do a search for "scouting" on our web site, the first few pages of results will primarily contain URLs about football scouting.

Here at SearchQB.com we have been involved with football all of our lives and are passionate about the sport. We also know that finding the information you need about football online can often take some time. We have spent hundreds of hours building a database of the most relevant football web sites, ranging from official NFL, NFL Europe, CFL, college, and Arena Football League team sites, to news sites, fantasy sites, training sites, blogs, and any other type of site you can imagine that is related to football. From there we have applied a unique preferential rating system which gives web sites precedence depending on a number of factors, such as the quality and relevancy of a site's content and how often the site is updated. The beauty behind SearchQB.com is that we know that just as the players and coaches on teams change, so too does the content on football related web sites. That's why our team works every day to review and re-review sites to make sure your search results always include the most relevant web sites.

It's the Content, Stupid!

Another aspect that makes SearchQB.com unique is that we rely on user input to help frame the results provided. If you own your own site, or are just a passionate reader of an existing site and believe it should appear higher in search results, you can submit that site to our staff for a manual review. For you small web site owners out there this gives you the opportunity to compete with the big dogs. Our goal is to provide search results that are relevant, and here whether the site is nationally renowned or run by one person in a one bedroom apartment does not matter- only content matters. It is important to note that your site must already be indexed by Google.com in order for it to be reviewed by SearchQB.com. If your site is not currently indexed by Google, you can submit it to Google here. Additionally, we do not accept payment of any type, whether it be in the form of money, offers of advertisement or promotion, or anything else in exchange for a higher rating in SearchQB.com search results. The only thing that matters is a site's content.

The Way We Determine Precedence

We've all seen movies where machines become smarter than humans and take over the world. These movies are entertaining and spark discussions about whether or not this could really ever happen. People that argue yes are remiss because they forget that these machines were developed by the human mind. Technology is wonderful, but eventually it all comes back to the human contribution. We've all called 1-800 numbers to be greeted by various computer voices that are supposed to "help" us get what we need. But how many times do we navigate through the myriad of options given to us by the bot voice before we ultimately end up pressing zero to speak with a real person so our question can actually be answered? What SearchQB.com brings to the table is the human aspect of searching. When you search at a regular search engine, computers decide what results you should see. This works well some times, but try searching for "James Brown" to get information about the CBS football pregame show anchor. Most of the results you get will be about the legendary singer, not the James Brown you were searching for. The computer simply does not know which "James Brown" you wanted, and because there are a lot more web pages about the singer, those are the pages that will be given priority in your results by a regular search engine. Additionally, computers can be tricked into believing a web site is about one thing when it is really about something else. How many times have you searched for something only to get a bunch of completely unrelated results? The technology is getting better, but there is no substitute for human contribution. SearchQB.com's staff knows football inside and out, and we fine tune results every day to make sure that no other search engine gives you better football related results. Sites are given positive or negative ratings depending on a number of factors, such as their relevancy and originality. Sports news web sites with original content, for example, receive higher ratings than sports news sites that merely republish Associated Press articles. Blogs that are updated every day with the latest information about NFL transactions are given higher ratings than blogs updated twice a month. Sites that are well written and informative receive higher ratings than sites that aren't- it is as simple as that. We understand that some may feel that particular web sites deserve more attention, and again that is why we have developed our review process discussed above. Whether you have a new site of your own, or are a frequent contributor to an existing web site, you can submit that site for review and one of our staff members will take a look and re-evaluate the site's ratings. Please understand that while requesting a review of a site does guarantee we will manually review it, it does not guarantee that its ratings will change. A review submission is only needed once or twice a month, however if the site in question has been changed frequently, you can submit it for review up to five times a month. Submission more than five times a month is not needed and would be considered excessive. Excessive submissions by one IP address may require that we temporarily block that IP from our submission page.

Web sites not related to football are given zero or negative ratings and will generally only appear in the listings after relevant sites. However, as noted in our FAQ section, we have made the decision (for the time being) to include every web page indexed by Google in our search engine, as opposed to limiting sites to just those in our database of football related sites. While the sites in our database are given higher precedence than sites that are not, because this is a new project and there are millions of web sites that have something to do with football, we want users to have the ability to get results from sites that may not be in our database but still contain relevant information to their search. Because this site uses Google Custom Search, which applies its own methodology to processing searches, from time to time you may see in your results web sites that are not related to football. When you use generic keywords, this may tend to happen more often. Just like you would in a regular search engine, it is recommended to be as specific as you can when you enter keywords. If you enter the term "James Brown" at Google.com for example, most of the results on the first few pages are related to the legendary singer. If you do the same search at SearchQB.com, most of the results on the first few pages will be about the CBS pregame show anchor James Brown, though you will notice some of the results will be about the singer. While we continually work to move non-football related sites and URLS further down in the results, you may see them from time to time. One small advantage of this is that you can use SearchQB.com as a general search engine as well as a football search engine- if you are at the site and have found what you are looking for and now want to search for some turkey receipes, you can go ahead and do that and get relevant results from Google returned in your search. At some point we may take advantage of the option to exclude all sites not contained in our preference and ratings database, but not for the time being.

More About the SearchQB.com Rating Procedure

Our ranking system is constantly evolving. Just like your favorite NCAA football team, a web site's rank can rise and fall over time. Sites receive rankings in several areas which all affect how much precedence they receive in results. A football history site, for example, is not expected to be updated as often as a football news site. In this case, someone searching for a historic moment in football, such as the final score of Super Bowl I, should not expect that a news site would be given more precedence than a history site merely because the news site is updated with new content more often. If the person is searching for free agency news though, one should expect that the news site is given more precedence than the history site, both because its content is updated more often, and also because it is classified as a news site, which would be more relevant to the particular search than a history site. Our ratings process is too complex to break down every aspect, but the bottom line is that it exists to provide you with more accurate and targeted search results, and just as web sites are constantly evolving, so too will the rankings for web sites. A blog that is updated every day now may receive a high ranking for new content. But perhaps it is a one man show and six months from now that one man begins to update it less often, to the point where it is mid December and the site's latest entry discusses opening weekend scores. That site's ratings will decline, and ultimately it may be dropped from our database altogether and considered, for all intents and purposes, a non-football site.

The next time you need to do a search for something football related, you'll simply find the information you need faster if you remember to use SearchQB.com.

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